A tower is a defensive structure that causes damage in one way or the other. It can also be used to path creeps, which is called "mazing". Towers can be upgraded in-game to increase efficiency up to 5 times. They can be sold by their full cost (including upgrades) unless the Madness (x5) multiplier is being used. Pemanent upgrades can be purchased at the Desktop Defender store (shows right before the game starts).


There are many types of towers. Each tower can be upgraded to level 9! Listed here are all of them:

  • Pellet Tower, cheap tower that shoots pellets. Its special is AUTOSNIPE.
  • Squirt Tower, a little more expensive than Pellet, fires quickly. Its special is POINT DEFENSE.
  • Dart Tower, shoots darts that explode on impact. Its special is SHOCK AND AWE.
  • Frost Tower, it has also a splash function and slows enemies. Its special is COLD SNAP.
  • Swarm Tower, shoots only air creeps. Upgrade for high fire rate and damage.
  • Bash Tower, Damages all creeps in range. It has huge damage.
  • Boost Tower, boosts damage. Upgrade for more damage boost.
  • Ink Tower, shoots blobs that damage creeps over time. Upgrade fore more damage and fire rate.
  • Lightning Tower, shoots arcs of lighting. Its special is STORM.
  • Laser Tower, big tower that shoots a straight line of beam.